The Interrupters

Happy No Labor Day

I saw this movie today.  It was a pretty visceral experience as I live in a neighborhood which has a fair amount of violence.  But it also gave me an equally fair amount of hope.

My belief that violence has become completely unnecessary and is increasingly becoming the work of an insane minority was re-affirmed by The Interrupters.  A moral evolution requires us to reconcile with our words, not our weapons – which is exactly what The Interrupters depicts.

It’s also worth considering what impact on culture a concept like The Interrupters might have.  The whole premise is that people need to be interrupted from their learned behavioral violence to realize the value of their own lives.  This should also apply to the system of capitalism, which has no qualms about war profiteering, and instead sees financial opportunity when there is blood in the streets.  Capitalism must be interrupted.  Its apologists and proprietors need to look at themselves in the mirror and reach some honest conclusions about their behaviors…

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