A Few Things

The activism world that I’m a part of seems to be gaining momentum, people, and energy.  This is all very exciting and I’d like to highlight three actions.

First, the BART protests are taking on a different life.  Here’s how I understand it so far:  The original BART protestors were protesting the lack of justice for the murders of Oscar Grant and Charles Hill by BART police.  That first protest was successful in shutting down the Civic Center BART station and in retaliation to the protestors, the BART officials decided to disrupt cell phone signals in the area.  It was this action that prompted Anonymous to get involved as it quickly became a free speech issue.  So for the past couple weeks, both groups have been protesting BART on Mondays.  But now I’ve learned that the first group is allowing Anonymous to have Monday as their protest day, while the other group (called No Justice, No BART) is moving their protest day to Thursday.

As far as I’m concerned, both of these issues are still worth protesting but I’m not sure that the two groups are doing anything good for themselves by splintering.  We need solidarity!

The second action is called #OccupyWallStreet.  Here’s the link:  https://occupywallst.org/         This action is similar to what recently happened in Tahrir Square in Cairo where everyone that is fed up with the status quo gets out in the street and demands change.  So while this starts to go down at Wall St, I’m also excited that there are people in the bay area that are organizing for an Occupy Financial District in San Francisco.   Here is a quote from a columnist at MarketWatch.org

“Listen closely. This is not another internecine political squabble. These revolutionaries are pushing America back to its roots. You sense they’re drafting a new Declaration of Independence, driven by the same powerful motivations as the 57 original signers who wrote: ‘Whenever any form of government becomes destructive … it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government.’ Back in 1776 King George III was the destructive force far away. Today greed is the corruptor, from within.”

I’ve already heard that the police will not allow the occupation to last long.  My thoughts and prayers are will the occupiers to hold their ground – remain nonviolent and find the demands to shape a real debate.

Third:  Moving Planet on September 24.  This is an event that has been heavily promoted by environmental groups and 350.org.  Link:  http://www.moving-planet.org/    This is being promoted as a day to move beyond fossil fuels.  Yes please.

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