An Ex-Capitalist’s Confession

From the day I was born, I was told that capitalism and the financial system are the only way of a social system functioning.  It was easy to go along with it since everyone in my culture was doing the same thing.  It was a norm.  The value of money seemed to be prized more than the intrinsic value of life itself…

But then I reached the age of reason.

I began to see inequality everywhere.  I began to see self centered behavior encouraged for the sake of the profit motive.  I began to question the inherent competition built into this society of ours.  The behavior that was encouraged throughout our system seemed to bolster the idea that deceit was a good thing.  In my opinion, self-deceit had dominated my life and as much as I disliked it – the only thing to do to survive was to participate in it.

In the meantime, I majored in theatre/communication/education and tried to ignore these bad human behaviors that I saw everywhere of every day and simply chose to focus on developing my musical abilities.  This was an inherently self-centered act, in and of itself,  which I was enabled to do by my cultural peers.

And despite all the selfish, greedy behavior I was observing every day of my life, I was still encouraged to believe that capitalism was a good and beneficial system.

But capitalism has destroyed our environment.

Capitalism has torn our social fabric and eroded the public trust I knew earlier in my life.

Capitalism has encouraged us to objectify others and treat them as “other” or worse, as just another sucker to exploit.

When is enough.  Enough?

Since I was culturally conditioned to be a Christian all of my life – I know the value of the concept of repentance.  This explicitly religious word has an immediate reaction from most people.  You either get it.  Or you don’t.  And that’s not a judgment – simply an observation.

Anyway, I believe that the concept of repentance is necessary to exist in a meaningfully trusting community.  We humans will always be causing harm to one another in some way or another.  And as long as this capacity for harm exists, it is also necessary to have forgiveness.  It is simply another form of balance that must be achieved for successful civilization.

Unfortunately, our current system of capitalism/ownership/money system has completely poisoned itself and consequently, our environment.

This is our own doing.  And the revolution I’ve chosen to embark on is my act of repentance.

There are higher powers at work in our world then mere human agency.  Natural Law will make us all accountable.

If you’re the praying type – or simply the “word-valuing type” then please pray this prayer with me.

Mother Earth, Father Sun,

Forgive me my consumption.

I’ve stolen and bribed – I’ve taken and lied.

I’ve broken myself and led to no one.

Forgive me my consumption.

Restore our culture and our true sense of Selves.

Reweave our web.

Rebuild our trust.

Give us grace and peace to love.

If you’re not the praying type then I would plead with you to take a deep look at your lifestyle and honestly question what the fuck is going on in this world of ours.

I know it looks like a mess – but it is those of us that care as individuals that need to start cultivating the values we cherish.

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