Conspiracy Theories

Thanks to the internet, anyone with a connection can discover countless conspiracies (past and present) and wonder what in the world actually happened (or is happening).  Personally, I think this is a great thing.  The conspiracies floating around online and in our collective consciousness are simply another form of art.

That doesn’t mean that we should believe them just because the exist, but conspiracy theories are always a great exercise for the imagination.

One of my favorite recent conspiracies I’ve been exposed to:  The Orion Conspiracy.  Here is a link for the little movie that they made:

Here’s a link for somebody that thinks it’s worth looking into:

Here’s the quick and dirty of this conspiracy:  All recorded “evidence” of extraterrestrial life (UFO pictures, documentaries, etc) is carefully constructed by humans using our own technology as it has developed.  The really exciting part it is that in the near future an alien invasion will be staged.  But it will only be a human-made hoax used to unite humanity into some sort of new world order.

It certainly sounds pretty unbelievable.  But what if it is actually true?  Or, perhaps more likely, what if it’s true but in addition to it there are also real aliens out there who will use the orion conspiracy as an excuse to make first contact?

Food for thought.  Personally, I find it hard to believe that humanity is alone in the universe, and the likelihood of other life visiting us seems statistically probable.

Ultimately, conspiracy theories encourage us to take everything the media says with a healthy dose of skepticism.  There isn’t much to say on it aside from enjoying the possibilities.

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