Global Revolution

It looks like the good people in New York have gotten the ball rolling!

On Saturday the 17th five thousandish people descended on the Wall St. area in order to occupy and begin disturbing business as usual.  Many have remained camped out at Liberty Plaza adjacent to Wall St and they are refusing to budge.

More power to these people.

They’re live streaming the whole thing, so you can be an armchair activist and watch them if you want.  But if you believe they’re in the right, then it’s your responsibility to get out there and be in solidarity with them.  If you can’t make it to NYC, then start in your home town.  Make signs.  Organize your friends and loved ones.  Follow along with the General Assembly happening in NYC with the livestream here:

I’m also happy to report that there is a sister movement in the financial district of San Francisco.  Their numbers are humble at this point, but if you’re in the bay area I would encourage you to swing by and give them some food, water, love, etc.  I’ll be there as often as I can with my banjo.

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