The Line

This blog is about the Occupy Financial District San Francisco campaign that has been happening for the past five days and will be ongoing until everyone burns out, gets arrested, or the numbers swell and a revolution jumps to the next level.  Whatever happens, I’m committed to this project, so I figured it would be good to give a little update.

The folks in NYC are continuing a beautiful thing with this livestream, check it out to start getting up to speed:

And here’s a nice little article and San Francisco’s occupation of the Financial District:

The latest news is that 10ish young people have begun camping out in front of 555 California St.  I’ve been visiting them daily with my banjo for a few hours.  Spirits are high and everyone is feeling a lot of support from passersby and other involved people.

This is from an email I sent to a lawyer I know:

The cops have been extremely permissive and cordial so far.  The 555 California St building management have not.  They threw down their property line (section 1008 of the civil code) argument and have demanded that we not set foot on their “private property.”  This is personally a bummer for me because there are a number of loose tiles on their front patio area that get a good THUD when you walk on them.  They are good for getting a percussion sound out of.  I balance myself and keep time on them while a play my banjo.  It’s been a great practice.
So, my legal question for any lawyers that may be reading:  Is there a loophole that you might help me find in section 1008 civil code?
I don’t believe in “ownership” so for the building management to draw an arbitrary line on the side walk and tell me not to cross it is a damage to my musical growth since all the loose tiles are on their “property.”  And I believe that they are violating our freedom of assembly rights by forcing us onto a sliver of the sidewalk.  With our numbers small it doesn’t really make much difference yet, but if the numbers grow then there might be something happening soon.  Do you think there’s any argument there?  Or would a judge toss it without a second thought?
Anyway, good times!


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