Stuff That’s Happening

Hopefully by now, you know about the global revolution that is underway.  Who knows what this revolution truly means yet, but I remain optimistic that it’s values are similar to mine:  Equality, Freedom, Compassion, Transparency, and a Sustainable Civilization.

The #occupywallstreet campaign is a beautiful thing and I hope that more and more people will daily wake up to their actions.  And now there are sister occupations springing up around the country.  Follow along with them here:

So what does this all mean anyway?  I’m pretty sure the occupiers don’t know yet themselves.  The occupiers are hoping to stave off arrest and persecution for as long as they can.  Not to mention they are braving the elements as well.  The only goal that I’ve heard is that they are trying to reach a consensus for ONE DEMAND.  The suggestions have been ranging from “tax the rich” to “overturn citizens united” to “remove money from politics.”

While these are all fine and dandy steps to take – and they should all be taken – they don’t go far enough.  The real problem with our society is the money itself.  It has taken the place of real trust and in an economic/financial crisis the first victim is communal trust.  Everyone feels like they are a just another financial mark for the next person.  The profit motive has gotten out of control and the only way to reign it back is with non-violent revolution.

It doesn’t take a visionary to understand where our society is going with our dependence on money as a means for communicating.  It leads straight to violence and destruction.  Too many people believe that their worth as a human being is related to the paycheck.  That (to me) is a perfectly acceptable definition of insanity.

So how do we restore trust to our communities?

I suggest a two tiered approach:  Online and In Real Life.

So many people today have online personalities that they are living out fantasy lives with.  This is not what the internet should be used for.  It should be used for generating transparency in our lives in order for us to truly be able to trust one another.

In Real Life we need movements like Occupy Wall Street.  We need millions of community gardens.  We need people consciously putting other people first rather than following that pesky profit motive.

The bottom line is that when one person profits, we all profit (and I don’t mean financially).  We are all in this mess together and it is only through cooperative competition that we’ll be able to dig ourselves out.  So I’m encouraging you today to get out and get involved.  Organize your friends and neighbors and educate them as to what really needs to be happening in this world of ours.

If there is one thing that I will keep repeating until I die it is this:  WE HAVE NO NEED FOR MONEY.

Just follow the Golden Rule – it is enough to “regulate” society.

The consequences of a money-less society would be true equality, and real freedom.  Literally.  Everyone would be “economically” equal, and everything would be free because money wouldn’t exist.

With the money problem out of the way, we could begin solving our energy/sustainability crisis.

It will take a leap of faith to get there – that much is true.  I personally have not completely taken that leap.   But when I do, I’ll let you know.  In fact, it will probably take the form of myself becoming homeless.

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