White People and Money

I’m a white person who finds the majority of history about my race regrettable and I have a fair amount of white guilt and shame because of it.  That being said, I still feel the need to critique my racial history even though I don’t really think that race should matter any more.  But before I can get completely beyond “race,”  I first need to process both my pure and my grotesque feelings about it.

So, here is a little more white people criticism:  Why are all the people printed on our money white?  George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Ulysses Grant. Benjamin Franklin.  There are more on larger bills, but I can’t remember them and I have yet to ever see a 1000 dollar bill let alone a 100,000 bill.

We now have a black president, surely we could kick one of the white, non-presidents off of one of the bills.  Maybe we should kick Hamilton off of the ten and just put Obama on one of them already.  It might even help him unite us if that remains an interest for anyone (it does for me…well sorta).  Or we could shunt Franklin and put someone like Frederick Douglass on the hundred.

Or better yet, we could burn all our money and move onto an Economy of Trust, Based on a Currency of Language.

Of course, white people’s disgusting love of money has become contagious and spread around the world.  I can’t let us forget that the whole financial reality that we live in was constructed by white people.  Much of the weight can be placed on John Calvin, Adam Smith, and Max Weber and the more recent advocates like Milton Freidman and Warren Greenspan and every Wall Street bum.

Is it just a love of gambling or why do white people love money so much?  I’ve never understood it and it ultimately became too much for me to stay silent any longer.  So I’ve broken my white silence to speak and write about the evil of money.  It remains an unfortunately necessary evil in my life, and I look forward to the day to be free of it completely.  But until then I will continue to criticize it and all of the exploitation and destruction that has happened because of it.

Fellow white people:  Quit your money!

In a very practical sense, refusing to believe in money is a real solution to our economic crisis.  So instead of seeing your neighbors and strangers as sources of profit – we all NEED to shift our perspective to a worldview that acknowledges our complete interdependence on one another.

I realize that this still may be a difficult concept to grasp for many people.  Too many people feel that money is a good incentive to make productive workers.  Too many people believe that money protects us and maintains an “orderly society.”  Too many people believe that money can buy happiness, or love or companionship.  These are all 100 percent false.  Concerning the incentive point:  Using money to encourage people to work is just another form of slavery – wage slaves are given the illusion of freedom.  Concerning the “orderly society:”  Capitalism has produced a society that negates the most fundamental norms an orderly society requires; namely trust and compassion.  Instead of trust we have coercion with violence.  Instead of compassion we have hyper-self-interest and greed.  Concerning money buying you happiness – that is the least healthy perspective that a person can have about the world.

So let’s quit the shit and get rid of the money.  As soon as it’s gone we can come together and build a truly sustainable civilization.   It is never too late to morally evolve.

One comment on “White People and Money

  1. Ivannalyz Rodriguez says:

    Yes its true what you say that can’t buy us happiness or relationship and all that but money does buy us things that we need like food, clothes, rent for their houses, and if we wanna have a little fun . I don’t think people should be getting rid of money , thats impossible! Nobody will get rid of that. Its also true what you said thag people need to come together as a community and be nice and stuff but doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all the money in the world & i don’t think Obama is a good president at all. Thanks bye !

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