Musicians – It’s About Time

I should preface this blog with the disclaimer that I believe that music has historically had, and will continue to have, the power to change the world.  People just love music too much to ignore it.

The diversity of music in this world is just as plentiful as the kinds of people we have in it – and thanks to the internet these varied and diverse musics are being blended together.  As genres and musical styles continue to meld they will create increasingly complex – and simultaneously increasingly singular.  So then our culture as a whole will begin to become more united as our people learn to dance to each other’s music.  And in case this wasn’t already obvious:  Dancing = Love.

So by expanding our musical tastes and listening to more and diverse musics, we will simultaneously become more aware of our collective consciousness.

Many people choose to reject this idea of collective consciousness or “collectivism” because they see it as part of the supposed “new world order.”  I choose to embrace the idea of collectivism because it provides more meaning to my life on a personal level.  Rejecting it flies in the face of my values: transparency, trust, freedom, equality, and unity.

But to actualize these values on our planet we need to dismantle our current societal institutions.  Many people would call this The Revolution.  I choose to call it Moral Evolution.  More and more people are waking up to the revolutionary idea of love which is all that the moral evolution requires.  We need not delude ourselves that it takes an ideology, social system, or savior.  The Beatles had it right:

Now, you may think that these are grandiose and egotistical words to write.  And you’d be right.  But I don’t read these words any where else online which simply tells me that there is a crisis of love in our world.

Which also means there is an opportunity to love in our world.

So, I call upon all honest musicians who understand how fucked up the world is to do something together.  My suggestion is that we musicians begin to do the following:  Musical Filibuster, or Strike.

A musical filibuster could take many forms.  One would be for all musicians to quit their day job and simply make music in the streets until we get the change we need in this country.  Another form could be anyone that makes music digitally to just start blasting your best stuff out your windows into the streets.

Or perhaps:  If you feel that there is already too much music in your life, then you may choose a musical strike.  Refuse to make music for anyone but yourself until we get the change we need in this country.

Throughout my life I’ve been told that music and comedy are both about the timing.  Yet physics tells us that time is relative.  So what is time anyway?  Time is certainly not money.  Perhaps time is simply art.  Perhaps time is truly the best healer.  Perhaps time is simply a way for us to gauge our growth and development as persons.

Regardless of what time is – I simply refuse to ignore the atrocities that humans continue to perpetrate on one another.  Injustice, inequality, violence, and oppression MUST STOP.

We must all do what we can in this moral evolution.  It only needs to be as painful as we perceive it to be.  Many people will probably have to go through the exciting and intimidating process of re-examining your values.  Don’t delay with this.  The sooner you do it, the more quickly you can begin to heal your own life.

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