Well, I took the plunge last night and brought my tent and banjo down to the the San Francisco sister movement of #OccupyWallStreet.  The camp has grown by 700 percent since it’s humble beginning on Sept. 17th.  And with the success of the New York movement shutting down the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday, I figured it was time to immerse myself completely.

Our SF occupation is much more than simply inspiring.  It is an active experiment of In Real Life social networking.  In this sense it is much like the moral evolution that I’ve been advocating for.  I already love the new people that I’ve met at the camp it is so refreshing to have honest conversations about our broken system, corroded morals, and inevitable collapse with people my age.

The best part of it all is:  We all realize that we are in this together.

The occupation is not only a symbol of our contempt for the status quo, but it is also a practical, on-the-ground camp for consensus making for our next direct actions.  I’ve been throwing out all sorts of my wild ideas for justice, and I’m happy to report that people are really responding to them.  I’ll keep you posted about stuff that we decide.  But you can also follow along at these two websites:



I’m finally happy to report some optimistic news!  The number of people at our camp keeps going up.  And it sounds like there are now 52 other cities around the country that are taking up the call of occupation.

Rest assured that this struggle is peaceful.  We are all training ourselves in non-violent civil disobedience and most of us are quite content with the idea of being arrested.  The cops have been quite cordial so far, even though they continue to try to keep us contained.  Of course, containment efforts are pretty much the same thing as herding cats.

I hope you all are ready for change.

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