Moving Forward

These occupations are getting big!  The 99% concept is brilliant and is a great way to begin getting everyone on the same page.  We are unfortunately not on the same page yet.  Each town’s occupation is a little blessing, but the organization and logistics of our camps need work still.  In fact, I think that we’re still only flirting with the real potential of this movement.  As we move forward we must be as careful as a surgeon.  I use the surgeon image with consideration, because I really feel that our social ills need a profound kind of healing – and it is only ourselves as individuals that can perform this healing.  Before we move forward, we need to begin encouraging ALL of America to occupy their hearts with love, and occupy their brains with peace.

I do believe that we can establish a fully functioning and thriving democracy (where one voice equals one vote) within our occupy camps.  The key is then to make the consensus process as manageable as possible.  Drag it out too long and people lose interest.  Jump to conclusions too quickly and be unwitting victims of group think.  Neither of those are acceptable.  The best way towards consensus within camps is to cultivate trust with one another.  Build relationships on common values and aspirations for the movement.  We are all family whether we want to admit it or not.

We can’t forget that this “revolution” is world wide. And the whole world is watching. It continues from Wall Street to England to Italy to Egypt to Australia.  Thanks to the internet we are all able to watch and contribute without much effort.  Voyeurism is encouraged in order to maintain the value of transparency, but ultimately it won’t be voyeurism that gets anything done.  We need people to be inspired to take the streets and bring the machine of our system to a screeching halt.

The only way to do this is with non-violent civil disobedience.

Everyone should begin educating themselves in peaceful protest tactics.  I would love to see the different occupations inspiring one another to cooperatively compete and discover successful direct actions to begin waking up the rest of the zombiefied consumers and brainwashed capitalist apologists.

But most importantly:  I hope every occupation has a garden committee working group and a renewable energy committee working group.  Free food and free energy is the way of the future!

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