Why The Car Is Bad Business

As I’ve been thinking about what kind of world I prefer to live in (the occupy movement should give all of us younger people the right to dream), my heart says its a world without cars.  Or at least not cars as we know them today.  Cars are bad.  They foster a divisive and individualistic mentality.  They withdraw us from community.  They pollute.  And their bridges are breaking.

I just spent the last 2 weeks on Amtrak and loved it.  It was extremely leisurely.  It was fun getting to know some strangers on the train.  Everyone I met had quite a bit of disdain for both cars and planes.  And although the train was pretty slow and frequently delayed by freight trains (products before people!) the camaraderie that develops between train passengers is a thing of beauty.  It kind of turns into a big slumber party.    But it could be quite a bit more comfortable and quite a bit faster if we employed the proper uses of technology.

But I woud imagine that it would take global cooperation (a sort of competitive cooperation between all 7 billion of us humans on our planet) to completely rebuild our infrastructure to become totally dependent on renewable energy.   We already have the infrastructure in place to communicate and share resources.  Now we just need to take the leap of faith and trust that we can rely on one another in our communities.

So, what if we all started to shun the car and all the business surrounding it and begin embracing the train?  I would rather walk than take a car.

So would these folks:  http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/blogpost/post/occupy-the-highway-how-to-reinvigorate-a-protest/2011/11/10/gIQAPNanAN_blog.html

They’re marching to a better beat.  And some of the people in cars were treating them like assholes.  My one suggestion to the marchers:  Don’t be afraid to use your middle finger re: douchebags in cars.  Pedestrians do, and will always have the Right Of Way.

I am breaking my affair with cars.  I have a feeling that many occupiers have similar affinities.

For all the non-leaders of the occupy movement:  should we start putting forward some more proposals to start occupying highways?  Or maybe we should just be occupying infrastructure as a whole…!  The bay area already has a wonderful (though woefully inadequate) system of mostly sustainable public transit.  Still in need of an overhaul however.

2 comments on “Why The Car Is Bad Business

  1. Would like to ultra hardened receivable hardened plastics used in the manufacture of cars. This would do many things at the same time, most of them positive. Not as radical as your idea, but still essential for the transition to renewable energy that the world desperately needs to happen now.


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