The “land of the free”  – that’s what America is supposed to be.  Of course, the concept of “America” is nothing more than a tribal mentality which for some reason rejects the notion that all of humanity is one conscious organism moving around this planet of ours, randomly and disorganized neglecting our un-realized potential.

The idea that America is the “land of the free” is a myth and the notion that we are the “land of opportunity” only means that you’re free to have opportunities if you can afford to have them.  This is what it means to live in a capitalist society which depends on a class system that deifies a small minority, i.e. the 1%.

However, the belief that a 1% exists is folly, in and of itself.  There is no rich, there is no poor.  We are all equal.  We are perfectly imperfect in our humanity and our very existence depends on this realization.

The only thing that can encourage life is inspiration.  Where would we be without it?  Every time society advances in one way or another it is because an inspired individual spoke their mind and tried to enact an ideal that they held.  Inspiration guides humanity.  Wisdom is the product of inspiration.  Evil is also the product of inspiration.  We are free to discern between the two.

In one sense; Freedom IS Inspiration.  When we are inspired we should feel free to work to realize our inspiration.  It is the only way society progresses.

Here is what I see in much of our society today:  A lot of un-inspired people.  We need to find some inspiration again and refuse to simply “go through the motions.”

The motions may have been great for a while, but eventually they get old and we have to move on.  The past is behind us and the only thing that can harm us is our memory of it.  Psychological damage must be determined on an individual basis and I personally believe that EVERYONE is a little bit crazy.

One of the things that inspires me is Logic.  That is why I feel that the comedians in our society have more relevant things to say than our politicians.

The politicians are attached to the money and they are prisoners of the financial paradigm.  But the paradigm is shifting.  A new dawn is rising.  There is REAL CHANGE in the air, and no one can look back once they’ve tasted the possibilities that the occupy movement offers.

Total freedom remains a possibility.  Total freedom is a world without law and without money.  To be sure, it requires a moral evolution and it demands that everyone follows The Golden Rule.  It also requires that people only work on what inspires them.

For many people, it should be the miracle of life.  Practice experiencing this miracle by planting vegetable seeds and planting fruit  and nut trees and berry bushes and marveling at their growth.  Then share the food that they provide.  We all have green thumbs, we just need to learn how to use them.

Concerning the Occupy Movement:  It is being forced to evolve.  As it evolves I hope that it will take it’s high ideals seriously and not expect the 1% to simply hand them over what apparently many think they are entitled to.  Of course, we should ALL feel entitled to EVERYTHING.  That is what equality is.

The “class division” that occurred in Zucotti Park during the occupation was unfortunate.  But it is what it is, and there’s no point in arguing that people will always form affinity groups and that hypocrisy is the mother of all American convention.  Unfortunately group think is just a natural part of being social creatures.  It takes a divisive individual to draw the line and begin making class distinctions.  Instead, we should be building bridges between our perceived “classes.”

What better way to do this than to begin working together?

I’m humbly submitting as a suggestion to the movement this next step in our evolution:  A Massive Urban Gardening Project.  We have tons of occupiers that are ready to begin working towards a truly sustainable world, and it is now time for them to begin mobilizing in order to reach our potential.

The occupy movement has been preaching self-suffiency and so it’s now time to put their money where their mouth is.  The whole world is watching, and we can show them all how to begin transitioning peacefully into a sustainable civilization.  The first step is to produce massive amounts of local, ethical, organic food.  Then we can share it with others during enormous community potlucks.


2 comments on “Freedom/Inspiration

  1. Your comment “However, the belief that a 1% exists is folly, in and of itself. ” end quote, I disagree with.

    The 1%, less than 1%, do determine financial and economic policy that affects the rest of the country, and they are not evolving and changing for the good of the country.

    I agree that growing things is a great way to spend some of our time, but not everybody would agree with that point, as sane as it is.

  2. You’re right that the 1% exists and are exerting a tremendous amount of force on the world. They need an intervention for their wealth addiction. I’d love to see more occupiers trying to do this kind of stuff.

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