The Sleeping Giant

In the last few months America has been tickled by the occupy movement and its anarchy and confusion.  Some people were humored by it, some other people were annoyed by it, and many others saw some real hope for it.

The movement is not over by any means, regardless of how many camps have been forcefully dismantled.  Many older activists have been able to share valuable information about organizing and many younger activists have been able to learn and grow and the movement also allowed many other people to become active for the first time.

Rest assured that we are all in this mess together.  There is only one world and it is being systematically destroyed by our own economy.  So the only solution is to completely crash the economy as we know it and begin rebuilding together in trust, cooperation and love.

Many people are hesitant about this.  But how much longer can we allow the insanity of corporate capitalist culture to continue to pollute our air, privatize our water, poison our soil and oppress the majority of people?

The 99% rhetoric is beautiful.  It unites us with common dissent about issues like economic inequality, environmental pollution, and the perpetual war state we live in.  But unfortunately there is only a small minority of people who are committed to the possibility of real change that the occupy movement provides.  The rest of our population is akin to a sleeping giant.

It takes a lot to rouse a giant.  But the day they wake up will be the day that the meaningful change happens that so many voices of dissent have been advocating for.

So what does it take to wake up a giant?  The occupy movement might be tickling its toes, but it is definitely not waking people up.  The perpetuated debt crisis keeps people lulled into a false sense of security.  But we must not forget that there is a serious oil crash that is imminent.  Perhaps when the crash really makes its presence known and the food shortages happen, then the giant wake up.  But it will wake up angry and destruction will be its first impulse.

There is another way to wake up a sleeping giant.  Music.  With music (and probably comedy as well) the giant (that is the true 99%) can return to consciousness and get about doing the work necessary to transform our culture.

There are probably many other ways that the giant can awake.  There might be a natural rise from slumber that happens as more and more people realize just how self-destructive our culture is.  I’ve recently learned about a new organization called Deep Green Resistance.

Here is one of their members giving a lovely speech.  

It sounds like these Deep Green Resisters are encouraging the use of nonviolence to dismantle our industrial civilization’s infrastructure.  This would truly require the sleeping giant’s consent, but how does one get consent when the giant is asleep?

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