Upcoming Dec. 12 West Coast Port Shut Down

Often while living in Oakland I feel like my reality might be called totally surreal for any interested observer.  But truth is indeed stranger than fiction.   And so I’m compelled to stick to the truth that I’ve tried to pursue all my life, that of justice, compassion and a belief that the good in humanity really is stronger than the forces of destruction.

The upcoming occupy event on Dec. 12th will hopefully help to prove my beliefs warranted.  As long as we can keep it peaceful.  Which is seriously not difficult to do.  People just have to want peace.

Anyway, all optimism aside, I hope you’ll help me promote this to everyone you know.  And if you’re promoting it already, tell people that they have to take an oath to remain non-violent.  It can go like this:

We occupy, we liberate, we decolonize.

Violence is not an option. 

With peace and justice a new world can materialize

I pledge to act with love and remember the Golden Rule

Non-Resistance Is Futile

Check out this video.

People in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland, Portland and Seattle are coordinating a massive port shut down on Dec 12.  This is the escalation that they’ve promised and I’m in full support of it all.

I live in West Oakland just a mile from the Oakland Port.  I would like to invite any one and every one to bring their car down to West Oakland and feel free to park in the streets near the port.  We could start at 5am or we could start at 12:01 am.  I’m game for anything.

And while it will be great to peacefully shut it down for one day – why do we need to stop there?  Why not keep it shutdown for the whole week?  We can give the truckers a good reason to just take a couple weeks off to spend with families during the holidays.  They also won’t be out on our highways clogging traffic and polluting.

Fix our economy and work towards sustainability. 


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