Best Intentions

Take a look at that video (posted on Sept 18 2011 – the day after Occupy Wall Street started) and ask yourself whether or not the American government has the best interest of the American people at heart.

We are in a global economic mess and the only thing people can think about is money.  But it is money that got us into the mess in the first place.  To believe that money is the solution is both insane and self-destructive.  And so the solution remains outside of money in the intangible realm of trust.

According to the video above, the US government had the best intentions of America at heart when they bailed out the banks in 2008 and then proceeded to print infinite amounts of money to keep our ponzi scheme that is the American economy afloat.  The government even attempted to buy up the “toxic subprime mortgages” that supposedly put our economy in the tank in the first place.

But an economy is not about money.  It is about the conscious intention of energy placement on a household, community, county, state, nation and global scale.  People on Wall Street discovered that they could get away with heinous crimes of environmental pollution, while simultaneously legalizing their actions by lobbying politicians.  This energy was impulsive and ultimately self-destructive.   And yet they probably had the best intentions in mind for America and the level of our energy consumption.  But do their best intentions justify the consequences of global economic depression?

It bears repeating:  An economic crisis is first and foremost a crisis of trust.  If the world’s “leaders” cannot manifest solutions to our sustainability problem then it is up to we the people to assert ourselves and create the necessary environment for meaningful change.

What is that necessary environment?  In a very real sense, our predecessors have already created the proper environment for change since they have essentially destroyed the bulk of the world’s land mass and quite nearly fished the ocean’s dry.  All in the name of progress and economic development.

The infinite growth paradigm inherent to capitalism has hit its ceiling.  It no longer has any relevancy in discussion nor practical matters.  We are running out of time and space and quite literally marching off the cliff like a bunch of lemmings.  And yet denial runs rampant.  What does it take to shock us out of our systemic brainwashing?

Some say that a revolution would do the trick.  But a revolution implies violence.  Some say that evolution would do the trick – yes, to evolve out of the use of force would be a tremendous victory for humanity.  And yet the adage that power yields nothing without a demand would indicate that force is a requirement for change.

Many people in America would be able to reasonably justify the use of force against the government to reclaim the values inherent to the idea that is America.  These people might be right, and they might even try to assert their force before all is said and done.  And they would probably be acting with the best of intentions.

Regardless of how we got here, the best intentions were probably always at heart.  But that doesn’t negate the fact that we are in a global economic crisis with an impending energy shortage and subsequent food riots.

But I believe, with the best of intentions, that it is not too late.  We could turn our back tomorrow on financial institutions, government intermediaries, and religious institutions so that humanity might be free and equal again.

It might be just a pipe dream at this point, but the reality is that the dreamers always have an effect.  Whatever effect my ideas might have, I believe that it is always best to have good intentions that shoot for stars – in the hopes that you’ll at least hit the moon.

And so it is with the best intentions that we shut down the west coast ports on Monday Dec 12.  If at all possible, I will encourage people to stay for the whole week.  It is getting too late for symbolic actions – it is time for America to change.

2 comments on “Best Intentions

  1. Sarah says:

    I am wondering if John Does insulin is arriving at the port…or Mary Smiths chemo medication….My point is…why to make YOUR point must it be at DESTRUCTION of others????
    My Mother would always tell us….Put yourself in other persons situation and after careful consideration….then and only then…react to the situation.
    I believe now is the time for all of you to STOP and consider OTHER PEOPLES SITUATIONS…why hurt others for your gain?????

    • I spend a lot of time thinking about the “John Doe’s and Mary Smith’s” of the world. The reality is that one day of a port shut down won’t effect the supply lines and so no one really has anything to worry about at this stage. A week’s worth of port shut down would be another story.

      I appreciate the request to stop, but the movement is certainly not in my control. Your wish for us to stop is understandable, but I think that it comes from a place of fear or at least uneasy feelings about the consequences of our actions. But I really have no interest in fear and will continue to act from a place of love with the hope that those in power might finally understand just how much damage our earth is suffering. Our planet is alive and concerns about insulin and chemo meds are nice, but who is speaking for the mountains as they are bulldozed? Who is speaking for the rainforests are being clear cut? Who is speaking for the 200 species of plants and animals that go extinct everyday?

      Your call for empathy is much needed – and I believe that the movement takes into account vast majorities of under-privileged and disenfranchised people. So maybe you should be demanding empathy from the people on wall street and the corrupt government officials and their corporate handlers.

      Assuming that I act to hurt others for my gain is flat out wrong. I’m not looking to gain anything. I am looking to earn my freedom (and everybody else’s for that matter) and live in a world that takes the concepts of equality, sustainability and compassion seriously. In order for this to happen there will be a time of pain for all of us – just like birth pains. Personally, I’m already on this road and asking me to stop is flattering but pointless.

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