Declare a Jubilee Year

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you probably already understand the necessity of having a Jubilee Year in the near future.  Why not 2012?!  I’ve been advocating for this for the last year, and most people think it’s a great – if not romantic and quaint idea.

It turns out that The Republic of Sierra Leone has already declared a Jubilee Year.

According to this video Saudi Arabia has done the same.

What would a Jubilee Year mean?  It would mean that all debts are forgiven or cancelled.  It would mean that the “ownership” of the land would dissolve into the commons and resources would be shared.  If we did this right it would be a global phenomenon.

It would be an opportunity for us all to morally evolve and leave the violence and exploitation of capitalism behind.

2012 is the perfect time for a Jubilee Year to be declared, and quite frankly it is a very real solution to a worsening global economic crisis.

In all likelihood the dollar will soon cease to be the global reserve currency – soon to be replaced by the Euro or Yuan?  When this happens – the appropriate thing (and probably the only option) for the US government will be to default on it’s debt.  That will mean bankruptcy for the good old USofA – which is essentially a Jubilee Year in its own right.

But why go down the painful road of bankruptcy?  In my opinion America is already morally bankrupt, so why not just admit the financial bankruptcy as well?  It’s reasonable to believe that we might hang on to a sliver of our dignity if we would choose Jubilee over bankruptcy.

The occupy movement could/should develop a helpful framework for how a Jubilee Year might function logistically.  I think the quickest and most sensible thing to do would be for all of us to simply stop believing in money.   All need is trust for a society to function – no money needed.  We develop trust by talking to each other.  We maintain trust by telling the truth.

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