Mock-uppy (Pronounced “moc-you-pie)

Anyone and everyone that knows the struggle of justice against an illegitimate and corrupt system should also know that the struggle includes being mocked with harsh and demeaning language by those that oppose you.  I learned tonight at the occupy oakland general assembly that the term that is being thrown around concerning the occupy movement is “mock-uppy.”  Kind of makes me think of a dog covered in pock-marks…

It sounds like the police are also using the tactic of demeaning occupiers by mocking them while behind bars.  Perhaps this should come as no surprise and it is likely that the situation is not unique to occupiers.  But to be given a term in and of themselves is both a great victory to be given such thought (even if the term is pretty obvious…) and also a humiliating defeat because of the abuse that one must endure.

Personally, as a performer I’m somewhat accustomed to be being scoffed, mocked and laughed at.  I simply refuse to take it personally.  It’s not my fault that someone doesn’t like my music.  I simply have to sing the truth of my soul and if people don’t like it then they can go suck on their own lemon.

However, not everyone is quite as thick skinned as I am.  Perhaps you’ve heard of Tiffany Tran.  I have no idea how thick her skin is but I’m sure she’s being tested right now.   She has been heavily involved in occupy oakland and was recently arrested.  Here are the facts about her situation:   

So, she was arrested for “instigating people to have property on the plaza?”  That’s America for you.  They really want you buy stuff, but you just can’t take it out of the house…

And now she is being held in Santa Rita County jail on charges of “lynching.” Meanwhile she is being subjected to verbal harassment.  There is a call out from her friends to meet at Wiley Manuel Courthouse tomorrow (that’s 661 Washington at 7th here in Oakland) at 2pm for her arraignment.

If you don’t live in the area, or simply can’t make it at 2 then by all means call these numbers and demand Tiffany’s freedom:

District Attorney:  510-272-6222

Mayor:  510-238-3141

A final word about language should be noted.  Language is and always will be some very powerful and potent stuff.  I often suspect that a lot of people have no idea about most of the shit that comes out of their mouths, but yet constantly talk anyway.  Regardless of that – police should know the importance of language since they are required to enforce the law (which is just a fancy word for “other language”).  So for the police to be willfully and strategically using demeaning language at Tiffany and other arrestees is malevolent and wrong and it must stop.

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