SOTU: STFU w/all the clapping

Obama’s speech last night was fine.  He’s a great speaker and he’s really trying for some sort of populist rhetoric.  The unfortunate part about populist rhetoric is that you simply can’t please them all.  And so in his attempts to please “both sides,” he simply ends up looking like a liar to “both sides.”

But perhaps the biggest lie of all is in the title of last night’s program:  The State Of The Union.  This country is anything but a union.  We have become so divided that I personally have great difficulty believing that the American people might be able to take a collective high road together to resolve a convergence of crisis:  economic, environmental, health, and collapsing unsustainable infrastructure.

It’s true that there are any number of ways to heal this country, and I’m afraid that the government will take the simplest solution and use force (akin to amputation) to subdue dissenting voices.   If that becomes the case then they will probably just print some more money and give it to all the people that didn’t dissent.  This is the very definition selling out.

I refuse to sell out.  I don’t believe in money so I can’t be bought.  As a musician, I am essentially relegated to the title of public servant since no one really pays for music anymore.  Not that this is a bad thing since I believe total freedom lays in a place where money doesn’t exist.  In a sense, I am already occupying that place just by virtue of being a musician even though I still make enough to pay my landlord every month.

And yet Obama said NOTHING about the arts last night in his speech.  He talked a lot about jobs, but he also started and ended with militaristic rhetoric.  And the most depressing thing of it was the incessant clapping.  Congress, senate, and the judges of this country sounded like robots as they applauded the meaningless gestures of a man bought and sold by the corporate elites.  Not that it bothers them of course, since they’re all bought and sold themselves.

And since I don’t acknowledge Obama’s leadership of me, I would like to make a statement of my own:  I am a natural person.  Your system has no authority over me.  I follow my personal values and I will always act with the following values as my guide:  Freedom, equality, compassion, transparency, and sustainability.

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