Thoughts On Climate Change

I listen to a lot of people’s ideas about stuff.  It’s rare that I assume that my ideas are the best or at least most preferable, but they are my ideas so I continue to voice them.  Climate change is such a big idea that I feel like I may have treated it as the “elephant in the room.”  In a very real sense, it is the reason that I feel so motivated about trying to change people’s minds about money and capitalism.

But however you feel, or whatever you think about climate change – the fact is that our climate is always changing.  This statement applies in a micro and a macro sense.  Our micro climate might be understood as the weather of the day.  It might also be understood as the way we feel about something on a particular day.  Emotions change – often times with the weather.  So this is a micro climate change.

And then there is the macro climate.  This would encompass the fact that the polar ice caps are melting and that the atmosphere is being transformed because of an abundance of CO2.  But this can also apply to our cultural spirit of the time.  So, our culture is changing just like the temperature of our planet might be escalating.  There are so many variables that I would be pretty skeptical of anyone that claimed to have a practical solution.  In fact the solution is simply CHANGE.

Humanity has somehow discerned from our environment and our history that the evolution is always at work.  So, if our climate is changing because of our collective addiction to fossil fuels, then it is also up to us to change along with climate.  Adapt or die.  What else has there ever been?

And so our species is at a bit of crossroads:  Continue to exploit and destroy the land; or break our dependency on the machine and find harmony with nature again.  It remains my hope that we can have the best of both worlds:  That we might be able to reign back technology, while simultaneously create cities that are massive food producers and completely powered by clean energy.

I was raised Presbyterian and there is a joke that I heard early in my life.  It goes –  Question: How many Presbyterians does it take to change a light bulb?    Answer:  CHANGE?!?!

This is nicely echoed by my new favorite religious joke.  Question:  How many anarchists does it take to change a light bulb?  Answer:  Anarchists can’t change shit.

Anyway, how about some Bowie?

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