Anybody who has been paying attention to Occupy Oakland knows that it has been bleeding support for a little while now.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re still doing priceless work and it is all completely necessary concerning the social dynamics of our community and country and world.  But it is my opinion that much of the work has taken a turn away from the concept of solidarity and has instead become too pre-occupied with egos, police fuckings, infighting/paranoia, and identity crises in many forms and functions.

We don’t need to continue down that road.  There are always options and opportunities to transform our world in more meaningful ways.  For this reason I would like to make another suggestion to Occupy Oakland:  Try to break the Guinness Book Of World Records for largest group hug.  We can call it #OpHugItOut

Our movement needs to be fun and provide more opportunities for people to build community in ways that are not too demanding nor intimidating.  I love all the  philosophical and technical discussions about society that happen in and around the occupy movement – they allow me to exercise my moral imagination and it keeps me inspired and committed.  But it’s certainly not for everybody.  A massive group hug is, however, by its definition FOR EVERYBODY.

We could pick a date this summer and have the whole town of Oakland converge on Lake Merritt.  We could have music everywhere and invite the food trucks.  Food Not Bombs can cater.  The current group hug record holders started the event with fireworks and church bells ringing in Alba Iulia, Transylvania.  They had ten thousand participants and their hug took up 2.1 miles of space.

I’m pretty sure Oakland can beat that.

Oh and here’s another update.  Apparently Peru broke it just this last February.  Records are made to be broken!  http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xoqnwo_peru-breaks-guinness-world-record-for-largest-group-hug_news

Not only would it be very fun and all inclusive, but it would also be an opportunity for us all to have a time of healing.  We could organize restorative justice tents and reconciliation round tables.  We could do all sorts of great stuff to build trust amongst the occupiers and also reach out to the rest of Oakland.

So that’s my new favorite idea that I’d like to see become reality.  It will take a whole lot of buzz to make it happen.  I can only buzz so much, so if you like this one then you need to step it up a little bit yourself.

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