Jean-Luc Melenchon

The French are having an election like us Yanks this year. And I was recently excited to hear that there is a man running under a platform of anti-capitalism. Here is the wiki for Jean-Luc Melenchon.  And it would probably be good if millions of global anti-capitalists would like his facebook page: He’s polling at 14% as of today so we’ll see what sort of momentum he can get going.

It’s incredibly refreshing that someone in the political sphere of the eurozone is actually putting forward an anti-capilalist message.

I had the idea a couple months ago to try to run for the Oakland district 3 city council seat.  It’s open this election cycle and so I thought that it might be sort of fortuitous that I live that district.  Though this would go against every ounce of anarchist in me.  So I decided against it – at least this year.  The only way that I can see politics being truly useful to people is if we begin treating the political system as terminally ill.  We need a hospice administration to deliver a graceful death to capitalism and begin seeing the new emerging system begin to blossom.

Monsiour Melenchon appears to be thinking similarly and so he is definitely someone for occupiers to be paying attention to.  It will be up to our global political leaders to begin articulating the meaningful changes that need to happen in order to make a free, equal, transparent, and sustainable society.

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