Forget the Feds. Think Global, Act Hillbilly.

If the revolution is successful, historians might look back at our current place and time and point towards one of catalysts as being the capitalist globalization slogan:  Think global.  Buy local.

From the first day I saw that slogan I thought it to be true.  I thought that it was important to be thinking about the whole world, but buying stuff where I lived…  And then I began considering our interconnected web of human activity.  I believe that we’re intrinsically and extrinsically all connected in thought and deed somehow, if for nothing other than the virtue of our humanity -and I believe that the pain amongst us is shared by all.  This is called empathy.  Ignoring the human trend towards empathy is what has allowed the psychotic and sociopathic into many places of leadership.  Empathy is what is required of any true leader.  And it is a collective power of humanity that has not been truly harnessed yet because of the pain and suffering in our world.  We are our own best resource, but only if we work together.

That’s where thinking global can get us.  But of course, we are individuals and we are all beautifully unique.  And this allows us to BE local instead of having to buy local.  We’ll realize that we’re all already rich simply because of our humanity.

Have a little hope in your neighbor.  They’re a beautiful unique snowflake in their own right.  If we truly started simply being local we would begin to realize that we don’t need all the other stuff in our lives.  We only need each other.

And I’m not talking about communism here.  I’m talking about true equality and the real freedom to be one’s self and be embraced unconditionally by a community of equals.  I’m talking about anarchism in its least corruptible sense.

This works at a state level as well.  If American corporations and the complicit government would stop exploiting and destroying land-bases  –  then it is my urgent hope that China and the rest of the world may very well extend a hand of forgiveness to us.  This might just be wishful thinking, but  I’m a person of faith and an eternal optimist.  We could just call it Planet China.

We have a lot of trust that needs to be built with our global neighbors.  I’m personally embarassed to identify myself as American these days.  I’ve loved this country all my life, but now I see that the American Dream I was told to believe has led to the exploitation of the rest of the world for nothing more than money; and the cost of environmental destruction.

It’s wrong – and we have to stop.

I believe that most people want to do good with their life.  And many people already are.  We all know that there are people that are stuck in cycles of violence and oppression – but surely even they would rather do good than bad.  So who decides what’s good?  Surely the government, nor religion cannot be trusted to be the judge.  So is “good” simply a relative and flexible concept?  Just another postmodernized truth?  Can we find consensus upon it?  The internet offers us this opportunity – however unlikely it may appear to be.  And yet the prospect of a peaceful planet where everyone has “enough” doesn’t seem to be such an offensive idea.

It will take massive cultural change.  In fact we may need to invent a new language to make it possible.  But that stuff happens all the time – so what’s stopping us?

As any diligent occupier knows, at this point in time we are being repetitively and forcefully stopped by the police and their handlers.  Since Occupy quickly became a national issue the feds obviously have their hands all over it.

In fact, I’ve inadvertently been re-printing CIA propaganda.  It recently came to my attention that Gene Sharp and his book Waging Nonviolent Struggle and From Dictatorship To Democracy is essentially a “by the book” explanation of how to destabilize governments in order to establish democracy.  Now this is not a bad thing in and of itself.  It is only a bad thing if another government takes the place of the formerly destabilized and delegitimized one.  The only type of government that any one needs is simply “self-governance.”

I don’t acknowledge the federal government’s authority.  Nor any government’s authority for that matter.  I am a free, autonomous individual who knows what’s best for myself.  And I desperately wish that more people would see that being a slave to the machine or to a capitalist system is self-destructive and not in anyone’s best interest.

So forget the feds.  Treat them as people just like you would anyone else, but don’t buy into their bureaucratic rigidity.  Life flows and the government by its own standards will never keep up with the flow.  Anarchy will though.  For it to work we will need trust in one another to a degree that most people are probably scared to death of.

But if we can all be radically transparent.  If we can all tell the truth all the time.  It was what sets us free after all.  I’m positive it would work.

As for me, I’m thinking globally and acting hillbilly.   For full disclosure, however, I’m from Iowa – I’ll leave it up to you whether or not that qualifies as hillbilly status.

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