Centrism and Privilege

I apologize for a month of not writing. When I started this blog I told myself that I would write something – anything! every day until I started seeing some of the meaningful change that I thought this country and needed. I’ve drastically failed at the goal, but I’m glad that at least “something” is happening here. Even if that “here” is only Oakland. It’s fun to be part of a van guard town. As St. Simon said: “Let the avant gaurde be the van guard.” Or something like that.

I don’t take much philosophy seriously. And I’m skeptical of people who do. Philosophy is like music to me – it is meant to be something played and experimented with. To adhere to a rigid and static philosophy or ideology is tantamount to death. I think that most amerikans suspect that this is true and this is also why congress’s approval rating is around 13.8%.

Speaking of percentages: I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again – the “99%” rhetoric is a lie. It’s a bell curve – there are the 1% elite banksters that hold financial power over this country, and then there are the 1% elite occupiers that are trying to spark a social movement to restore balance to a woefully unequal world.

Anyway, both of these 1%ers have a lot of privilege left to confront. One of the frequent critiques of the occupy movement is that it’s a bunch of bourgeois white kids that are fed up with all the cultural bullshit. So they started applying their technological skills to effecting real change. That might be true, but it’s a limited perspective on most occupiers. There are many, at least here in Oakland, people of color involved. My own whiteness sometimes feels like a drag on people – but I am who I am and I can only try to be someone more like I think the world needs.

And I think that this country needs a fair amount of anarchy. It might not need to last for long, but I think that everyone should start refusing to cooperate with the governmental system as it stands. But that’s just my perspective. And I’m quite conscious of the fact that I am on one of the 1% sides.

But centrism is where true democracy can function. And so I’m glad to see Mitt Romney pulling the Republicans into the realm of the “further left.” To be fair, Obama is already on the “further right” side of the Democrat party. And to be clear, the difference between Demoncrat and Repubicrap is zilch. The problem is that both parties are in the financial pockets of the 1%.

But maybe people are okay with being slaves…

As an artist and a person who finds joy in self-expression; I have to maintain my freedom. As illusory and perhaps insane a concept, freedom is the thing that keeps me going. But the only way for us to have a truly free society is if it is also equal.

As a person of “privilege” (as much as I hate to admit it), I’m desperately hoping that all people of “privilege” can revolt against such a mentality. It’s a selfish, greedy, and downright evil mentality. It’s the mentality of domination and entitlement.

I think it’s preferable to shun the concept of ownership and to refuse to believe in money. “Ownership” seems like a foolish and greedy thing in the first place. And money has become corrupt and un-trust-worthy.

But the good news is that amerika is moving more towards the center again. People are unifying in their detest of the two separate 1%ers.

Of course, I believe that the only honest way to live is to see humanity as the 100%. This might actually even be too much of an anthropocentric perspective. Why not call it the 100% universe? Yeah, I can live with that.

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