An American Harmony

This is a documentary that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in the future of this country.

In case you, dear reader, had any doubts – I should make it explicit that I believe in transcending left/right divides. I believe that it is a false paradigm that we are forced to live in and that all people should be free to expose the lies of partisanship.

This being an election year, I’m really quite interested in the next steps of us government policy. I think obamacare at this point is a wonderful possibility but I have some pretty serious questions about how it will work for me personally. I’ll be sure write about that in a future post about the government and technology.

As a confessing christian anarchist, I’m not compelled to formally vote in this election once again. I’m committing myself to cheering on the best man (who is obama, but not by much) but I simply can’t formally encourage them by voting. But if you are a voter, then I hope you’ll vote out every single one of the incumbents. That includes obama. Though if Romney is actually elected then my suspicion is that the revolutionary atmosphere that the tea party and occupy movements have begun will get significantly amplified.

It is no secret that Washington and the federal government is broken and unable to effectively help the people that need it most. It is also no secret that the biggest problem with our so-called “leaders” is the money. The government has become increasingly corrupted by the money and there needs to be a re-examination of some meaningful values before there can be any sort of legitimate government (if that’s even something that we want anymore… not for me, thanks).

However, it doesn’t need to be that way. There is a high road to take. There is a correct, and right, and just thing to be done. Our politicians can still do it if they could only learn to compromise. And in order to see that thing done, I have an humble suggestion to make to them: Congress should sing together. They should harmonize and revel in the beautiful moments that sweet harmonies can make. They should sing together and do it with more heart than than any speech they’ve ever given. And I’m not just talking about the national anthem or some other patriotic nonsense – I’m talking about a wide breadth of music from folk to metal to arias to spirituals and everywhere in-between. If congress began every daily session with 15 minutes of singing then they might actually be clear headed enough to compromise.

At this point, there is nothing but noise from Washington – noise which is unhelpfully amplified by the mainstream media.

While I believe that noise has its place in society (of which politics should be a mirror), I also believe that singing together, especially in harmony, always has a stronger effect on creating social bonds. Making noise together is always fun and we can learn a lot from the noise created. But music will always be more powerful.

Concerning the music, I’ve sworn the hippocratic oath: Do no harm. Truly, music is probably the least harmful thing that anybody can do to themselves at any point in life. So what do the members of congress have to lose? While they probably deserve to lose their position of power, I’m pretty sure that singing together would at least let them go out with a smile.

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