Politics and religion being two of my favorite topics of conversation, I’m compelled to comment on the Republican National Convention. Since I’ve decided not to vote once again, i won’t have much of say in the electoral process, other than the “say” that I have on the streets, at parties, during performances, and here on the worlde wilde webb…

First, a joke – stop me if you’ve heard it:  A conservative, a moderate, and a liberal walk into a bar.  The bartender says, “Good evening Mr. Romney.”

So, I do have an opinion and some unique speculative insights.  At this point in time it appears that the polls have Romney and Obama as neck and neck.  In fact some of the stuff I see online has Romney ahead by a couple points.  THIS concerns me because I don’t think he really has America’s best interests at heart.  His background with Bain Capital and his intense interest in privatization and his “corporations are people” comment are downright terrifying when I consider the condition of our environment.  Further land exploitation and destruction must stop.  A prime indicator for me is the Keystone Pipeline which Obama has thus far not allowed to be built.  I believe his decision on this matter to be the final test of Obama’s ability to govern with a sound mind and heart.  If he is re-elected then my main issue for him is whether or not he decides against the continued construction of that.  It is a disaster of an idea.

However, my suspicion is that Romney, if elected, would give Keystone the green light without second thought.  If there is some sort of supposed “eco-apocalypse ” down the pipeline; then I’m pretty sure that Keystone would ignite it.

In my inspection of Romney (which is by no means thorough) I haven’t heard him say anything meaningful about the environment.  While he might never say it to the media, I imagine that he probably subscribes to the “drill baby drill” ethos.  I’m hoping that Obama will give the topic some play during his speech with the Democratic National Convention.  The ONE thing that really matters is the treatment of our landbase.  It is the economy.  How many people really consider the economic crisis as interconnected  with our continued ecological pollution?  I pray that we’ll realize that drilling and burning fossil fuels is simply no good.   And I’m confident that when we return to nature, our recession or depression, or whatever it is that people are so compelled to talk about on the media, will be resolved.  But until then – humanity has a lot of waking up to do.

But before the full awakening happens, we will probably have a fair amount of austerity to go through as a country.  If Romney is elected  I’m speculating that the levels of austerity would be more severe and probably happen more swiftly than with Obama.  However, our taxes (if you’re really compelled to pay them) will in all likelihood go up with either candidate – the debt is simply too massive.  Likewise, I imagine that the bulk of their foreign policy decisions would probably be handled similarly.  I still like Ron Paul’s foreign policy the best.  But please don’t call me a RonPauler – cause I’m not.  Though I do have a lot of appreciation for the Tea Party and their revolutionary zeal.  As I keep insisting:  This stuff shouldn’t be about left/right.  I’d like it to be something more like slideways…a fair amount of compromise needs to take place.

I’ve decided to take a fairly extreme stance in my life as I’ve continued to maintain the philosophical position to not believe in money.  Of course  I use it everyday, and am at peace with the hypocrisy and see it more as political theatre than anything else.  What can I say other than I value my sense of humour?  However, I do mean what I say and say what I mean and I would prefer to live in a world without money.  Money at this point is still a necessary evil.  The system is too dependent on it.  People are too addicted to it.  I realize that many readers would find this ridiculous and quite possibly insane.  And by much of society’s standards you might be right.  It is true that I don’t occupy a position of most people’s cultural norms.  But I don’t have a problem doing that since I’m compelled to follow my conscience and be true to my own beliefs about the world.  And if pepole claim to value diversity and freedom of speech than they need to allow me to say what I need to say.  Money is a game, a fiction, a tool of manipulation – and to call it anything else is putting too much weight on its value.   Being true to myself requires that I speak my mind and so I will.   I’ll grant you the same right.   Besides, you don’t have to believe me.   Just I like I don’t have to believe in your money.

So, since I’ve taken an extremist perspective on money – I think a reasonable compromise with the majority of our culture would be to completely eliminate money from our politics.  Some people insist that this might lead to a form of some kind of anarcho-capitalism, but I reject all forms of capitalism.   And while I’m not comfortable with the libertarian label, I also have a thick enough skin to not really care what you call me.   All I know is that the money has become corrupted.  Believing in it won’t develop any meaningful trust so we need something to happen for the public trust to be restored.   True transparency is a great start.  However this would probably mean an unprecedented loss of privacy.  I’m comfortable with this since I don’t have anything to hide – but I realize that not many people are comfortable with a total airing of their dirty laundry.  But I have to ask – what are you so afraid of?  The truth sets us free – so transparency would be a step towards real freedom.  This is a value of mine so I continue to pursue it.  Neither Romney nor Obama can give us freedom.  We all already have it, we just need to start acting with the responsibility necessary to make it more than empty rhetoric.  Because as long as we’re slaves to the money and to the machine we’ll never have a system in which the most profound kind of freedom can occur.

But that’s a long, musical, road that I’m going to walk and that I hope others might keep walking too.  I know some occupiers are definitely already there.   Cheers and blessings to all those that will be having some sort of occupy reunion on Sept 17th.   I beg you to keep it sane and peaceful.



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